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How it Works

Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary - yet very effective - therapy that can be used to help improve your health or your pet's health and behavior.

I work in addition to vets & doctors providing healing which can work on four different levels, either physical, mental, emotional or a spiritual level, for troubled, sick, injured or terminally ill animals or people.

I must stress that all clients tell their vets or doctors their animals or themselves are receiving healing!


Healing can remove blocked energy that can cause both emotional and physical issues, something vets or doctors don't seem to have an answer for.

Healing can be used on a regular basis to help prevent future health problems and keeping an animal’s or person's energy balanced whilst boosting their immune system.

How Do Animals React to Healing?


They can act very differently depending on the animal and the issue it has. Most pets will become very relaxed. 

Some will love it and relax in a comfortable position to receive the healing whilst others may be restless due to the sensations they are experiencing when healing is applied, but generally, after a minute or two, they relax.


Animals are very in tune with humans, they can read your mind and they can pick up our stress and anxiety, so it may not be just your pet who needs healing.


Animals are like humans with the respect they can suffer from mental health issues too.

Where other treatments have failed and healing has been applied, behavioral disorders in horses, dogs, cats, etc have been known to stop.

Pets who have got confused and lost have been known to be guided back home after healing has been applied.


Healing has been working for centuries and many people these days use the services of a healer before or after a vets advice, it's an invaluable part of an animal's recovery.

Most times healing starts to work within 24 hrs and you will see some immediate changes, but other times it will be a gradual change with extra sessions being needed, but overall the animal benefits greatly.

What is Distant Healing?

Distant healing is known as (absent healing) is the method of sending healing without being in the presence of the animal, all my work is now done via Distant Healing as it keeps the costs down plus there is no traveling time involved for you, the client. 

Sending healing over distance can be a very effective therapy and it can be offered to any animal or person over any distance worldwide.


Some clients have an ongoing monthly Distant Healing session for their pets, this is a great way to keep your pet healthy and also very convenient as no home visit is required.


Besides healing speeding up an animal's or a person's recovery time after surgery or when they are suffering from injuries or illnesses, healing provides important comfort to terminally ill animals or people in their last weeks, days, or hours when they can feel very alone and frightened before passing over.

Chemotherapy is one situation whereby a person benefits greatly after having healing as the process is so harsh on the body!


Please do not hesitate in using the Contact form or by calling me on the number provided, should you have any concerns about your family members or friends. I must stress I am not a vet or a doctor and all clients must inform their vets or doctors if they are receiving healing. I abide by a strict code.

You can choose from the various packages I provide by clicking on the 'Services' button below.


Please note that any animal or person would benefit more if they were resting and relaxed at the time healing commences.

Healing is no substitute for veterinary care if you are worried about your family member, please contact a vet.

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