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About Neil

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From the young age of 16, the idea of wanting to become a healer was ingrained, and the only logical reason for this was because a healer used to come to our family home to help my late father who had been diagnosed with MS at 38 years old.

Two MS (Multiple Sclerosis) specialists told my father that he would be in a wheelchair within 5 years, this was a massive blow not just to my family but to my father who was such a fit man even at 38.

My father since we were 8 years old used to take us running through Richmond park most Sunday mornings, not running on the grass or roads but through the deep horse tracks, played tennis with us, football, cricket, swimming and so for this to literally come to a stop, was devastating for us.


About two months after my father was diagnosed, an acquaintance told him about a healer called Ron, who was 75 and who gave up about 5 hrs of his time every week to come by bus from Sutton to give healing to my father.

I had never really seen or heard of anyone actually doing this, and so I was skeptical, to say the least, and don't forget this was back in 1977 decades before we heard all about the alternative therapy's available today!


Well to cut a long story short, my father didn't have to use a wheelchair for another 15 years, this was undoubtedly thanks to that extremely kind gentleman who gave up his time to help my father.  

Not understanding anything about healing at 14, and struggling to learn at school, plus worried about what people would think of me, I never pursued to educate myself on the subject, and don't forget there was no Internet in those days, just Libraries.


Roll on 34 years to 2011 whilst living in Ireland, this was when I started experiencing things.  Things like Psychic and Angelic events would happen to me and not just with Animals.  The day at Lingfield Races in November 2014 is a prime example as that's what really started me in wanting to help animals, and shortly afterward people.  


During the next 2-3 weeks, I then thought back to 1997 when I had completed the Reiki Level 1 Course over a weekend in Ireland where I was living at the time.  This had nothing to do with Distant Healing only a basic introduction.

These Reiki courses were normally done about 6-12 months apart so people could get lots of practice and experience before the next level.  Unfortunately, I had no one to practice on due to every student in the class I attended, being 20 years of age or younger, so that was the end of that as far as I was concerned because anyone I knew was so sceptical.


Within three months a friend of a friend called Deidre asked me if I could do healing on her to help give up chain-smoking. I had not even thought about the next level Reiki Level 2 which coincidentally I found out two years later teaches 'Distant Healing' I said, 'I would see what I could do' and accepted the challenge.


Well, what happened next after I did the healing for the first time in my life, let alone Distant Healing, is probably the most unusual and exciting thing I have ever experienced in my life.

It literally blew my mind.

I had connected telepathically and felt as if I had won the lottery, in fact, it was probably better than winning the lottery due to the fact I had never heard of anyone doing what I had just achieved.

Of course, I was aware that people could heal by this stage of my life, hence I took the Reiki 1 course, but I am talking about predicting asking word for word what happened to Deirdre. She received exactly what I had asked for whilst sending the healing.

I experienced all the symptoms she was experiencing, headaches, feeling sick, etc and apparently these are the withdrawal symptoms a person can experience when coming off cigarettes.

For future healing sessions,  my Reiki teacher advised me to protect myself more. 

Something else I wasn't aware of due to not being a smoker was, a chain smoker always has a full packet ready as the next one is getting low.


What one has to realize is, this was my first ever healing experience to send to someone, I had only sent Deidre two sessions of healing and she was off the cigarettes for 4 days, but due to the really nasty withdrawal symptoms, she asked me to stop.  Unfortunately, after this I never came across anyone else who would at least let me try to help them with any issues they had, they thought I was mad, hence I lost the little bit of faith I had and left it at that.


Due to living among people who hadn't really taken to the concept of this alternative therapy, also surrounded by friends and colleagues who thought I was from another planet probably due to the fact of not being as open-minded as myself, I just forgot all about pursuing my hidden for so long talent.

Self-belief is so important for people especially in this day and age what with all the mental health issues that have come to the fore.

I just wish I had enough self-belief to have continued, back then in 1997, I just wasn't sure what was happening, was really happening, and why so many people thought I was crazy.

At least an opportunity came along that awakened my spiritual journey in November 2014 when at Lingfield Races, just as it will and has done for many others.

I hope you enjoy my website and if you have any questions to ask please do not hesitate in contacting me.


I never limit my mind as I realize anything is possible.  At the same time, I understand that not every animal or person can be helped if their soul chooses not to accept the healing. 

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